"Great!  What all do I need?  How much does it cost?"

  • Up to 100x times faster than Dial-up!

  • Download & Upload without wires!

  • ''Always On" Internet

  • Does not occupy your phone!

  • Available EVERYWHERE in Canada

High Speed Internet from...
Plus $15 Equipment Rental
$44.99 Total / month

You can finally talk on the
phone AND surf the internet
at the same time,


* Prices shown include High Speed Hardware Rental & Free Basic Installation. Taxes, Shipping & Handling and any Extraordinary Cabling, Configuration, Mileage & Labor may be extra if required.  NOTE: Additional charges may apply to non-standard locations & non-standard premises - for example Fly-in fishing camps, High Pitch Metal Roofs, or premises needing structural reinforcement.

Basic on-site residential installation & basic labor are typically covered by the FREE Basic Installation Offer.

Email us for more information on how you can
get High Speed Today, no matter where you live!

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Requirements: You need a suitable computer (of course) as well as the High Speed Hardware, and a subscription to the appropriate High Speed plan.

The computer part is easy, since you probably already have the right equipment there.  It simply needs to be about 1 Ghz or faster, and it needs to have an Ethernet port.  Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008 & Windows 7, as well as Macintosh and Unix computers are supported.  Naturally the faster your computer, the better all computer operations, including any High Speed Everywhere service will be, but the requirements are really fairly modest.

The High Speed Hardware consists of a Dish & Mount, as well as an indoor modem.  The Dish is similar to a Satellite Television Dish, but a little bit larger and more robust.  In virtually all Canadian locations, the dish is just 68-74cm across.  The standard hardware is supplied with no up-front costs, for a rental of just just $15 / month, and that also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Internet Hardware.  Basic installation is also supplied free, with only extraordinary mileage or extraordinary labor being your responsibility.  A one time Activation fee (depending on the length of contract you choose, if any) is all you pay.  Canada is a big country, so there are often different Specials in different locations across the country, so ask for details.

If your installation is extraordinary in some way - Cables, connectors, sealants, masts, mounts, towers, shipping, mileage and other supplies may be extra.  In most cases, these don't amount to much and normally all you may need is cable - extra mounts/mast/towers are normally NOT required except in odd ball cases.  Cable is just .39c per foot for example, and even specialty mounts (for example, non-penetrating mounts for a rubber membrane flat roof) may be $100 or so, but normal residential installs usually don't require anything extra like that.  Of course, situations can vary, and some locations and some premises (for example a concrete building or a steep 'A Frame' roof) may also be extra.  Typically, even a difficult, odd ball installation doesn't require more than $50 worth of extra supplies or labor, unless it's REALLY difficult or odd ball.

The High Speed Internet Service plans vary, depending on what your needs are.  Naturally, service plans are available for a wide range of customers, including single occupant residential homes, small offices, as well as schools and even large corporations that may need to connect 15 or 20 computers at once.  This is not some trick introductory offer that sneaks up in price every few months.  Unlimited time, High Speed Everywhere service plans start at just $29.99 / month, (plus the $15 / month equipment rental) virtually everywhere in Canada, making it more affordable than ever to get connected!

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