"OK, I understand the problem, what's your solution?"

Well, simply put, the solution is to use different technology. Using the latest in 3rd & 4th Generation High Speed technology, you can get High Speed Internet to every single location in Canada.  I know we keep repeating ourselves, but many customers have a hard time believing that there is actual an existing, affordable consumer solution, after the Telephone or Cable company has told them that it is not possible.  Either that, or maybe you may already have had some other Wireless company do a 'site survey' and tell you that you are out of their range, or that you don't have a clear line-of-sight.  None of this is a problem with this technology.  You can get High Speed Internet to you, in virtually every single location in Canada.

And, this solution does not occupy your phone line, and this solution does not limit you to a small number of hours every month.  This is an 'always-on', totally 2-way system that uploads and downloads entirely separate from your phone wires.  It 100% frees up your phone line, and as a matter of fact, you don't even need to have a telephone line installed where you want Internet service.  While most of our customers are rural farms and acreages that are simply tired of dial-up, this technology is also being used to provide High Speed Internet solutions to the most remote areas, like oil rigs, cottages, logging camps, or even fly-in fishing & hunting camps that have absolutely no wireline services at all.

The benefits of this type of service are clear.  Your downloads can be from 30 to over 100 times faster than dial-up internet service.  This can save you over 95% of your time that you are wasting waiting for downloads to complete.  Even if your time is only worth minimum wage to you, saving hours and hours of wasted time can make the service pay for itself in no time! Plus, in many areas, this may even be the only Unlimited Time service available!  With the high price some providers charge for dial-up overtime rates, this can actually make our HighSpeedEverywhere.com even less expensive than some people are paying for Dial-up service, once you take an extra phone line and/or overtime charges into account!

Another huge benefit is the ability to do constant updates of Windows Security Patches and Anti-Virus definition files.  Some of the most notorious Computer "worms" like Blaster, Welchia and Sasser were 100% avoidable, but only if  you had applied the proper patches from Microsoft ahead of time.  Windows has the ability to check and automatically install these patches, and with an ''always on'' High Speed connection, you can have all these critical updates and all your virus definition data files automatically and quickly downloaded and installed in the background.  How much is your data worth?  How many hours will you spend resurrecting your system after the next Sasser strikes?

We hate to keep repeating ourselves, but just so you are sure that you are reading this all correctly - you can get High Speed Internet, right now, everywhere in Canada, and that includes farms & acreages that are miles from any other High Speed Internet service.

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