"So, what's the problem?
Why can't I get High Speed..."

Well, as we've said... you actually can get High Speed Everywhere.  But the question still stands - "Then why does my Telephone & Cable company say that I can't?  Why can't they provide High Speed to me?"

You see, the problem mostly involves the type of technology the telephone & Cable companies have available to them, and the fact that they are using their existing copper wires. Plus of course, the lack of financial viability in delivering service to sparsely populated areas. For example, telephone companies usually use some flavor of DSL (such as ADSL) to deliver their High Speed Internet, and most types of DSL can only travel along phone lines for just 3 or 4 Kilometers of wire length.  If you are rural and are farther away than that from the Telephone switch, then you are probably simply out of their range. Likewise, cable television companies only supply their particular brand of High Speed Internet where they have co-ax cable running to your home, where they offer cable TV.  It's not that they don't want to provide High Speed, it's just that if you don't live right in town, then you are likely outside the reach of both ADSL and Cable Internet, and there has been no easy, affordable, Rural High Speed Internet solution - until now!

Finally, there is new Technology that can provide Unlimited Time, Rural High Speed Internet, that totally frees up your phone line, and that will reduce those agonizingly long downloads from hours into mere minutes.  This new 4thGEN technologies bypass the Telephone and Cable wires entirely, so it also bypass their limited coverage areas, and even the Line-of-Sight issues with other types of Wireless technologies.  As a result, you can get High Speed Everywhere!

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