"I'd love it, but unfortunately it's just too expensive for me."

Well, we still have a solution to speed up your
internet!  And best of all, it's
under $4 / month!

We understand that HighSpeedEverywhere just isn't perfect for everyone.  For those who use their internet more casually, unlimited online time is not that important.  For those that just websurf and email once or twice per week, the idea of downloading songs and other large files 15 to 60 times faster is just not on the top of their 'must-have' list.  We also understand that not everyone's budget allows the expense of a Rural High Speed Internet system like HighSpeedEverywhere.com.

If you fall into these categories and figure that you'll have to just stay on Dial-up  - PLEASE CHECK OUT HighSpeedLite.com before giving up!  Of course, it's not as fast and powerful as the HighSpeedEverywhere solution, but it can speed up Web Browsing from 3x-7x faster than it is now, and best of all, it cost only $3.99 / month - that's just $47.99 for an entire year's use!

7x Faster for $3.99 / month!

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