"OK!  I've read enough!  I want one !"

Just fill out the info below, and we can answer any final questions you may have, and explain anything else you need to know.  The Service Agreement form is pretty simple.  You choose your monthly service plan, your contract length, and provide your billing information.  Your up-front costs, as well as the monthly payments can be made by Credit Card or by pre-authorized debits from a Chequing account.  In some areas of the country, they may even be able to be billed directly on your telephone bill.

The service signup form is a single page, and you can simply fax it back in when you are completed.  You will be assigned a customer account number, and then we can allocate the hardware, assign a modem to you, and arrange for a subcontractor near you to call and arrange a date that's convenient for everyone.


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Thank you for your business!

And congratulations! You are no
longer stuck with Dialup Internet!

We loath junk mail as much as you do, and we promise that we will not use your email address for any purpose
other than to communicate with you about this service. Specifically, we will NOT give your email to anyone else.

PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR POSTAL CODE:  The exact Technology needed to reach you will depend on exactly where you
are located, and if you don't provide it, it will be the first question we'll need to ask you when we reply to any questions. :)

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